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Hotel, Commercial, Industrial and Residential Building

If you are looking for someone competent and experienced to help you on these common problems with your building?

Broken Awning, Broken Glass Roofing, Broken Glass Door/Window, Rusted Iron Grille Gate & Windows, Broken/Rusty Steel Staircase, Faulty Glass Door Lock, Faulty Floor Hinge, ...
Broken Door, Broken Cabinet, Rotten Door Frame, Rotten Wooden Kitchen Cabinets, Rotten Floor Skirting, Repainting, Termite-infested Wood Cabinet, ...
Rooftop Leaking, Floor Slab Leaking, Water Piping Leakage, Brick Wall Leaking, Toilet Sewage Problem, Faulty Water Pump, Faulty Water Filter, Water Pressure Too Low, ...
Rusted Iron Grille Gate & Windows, Broken/Rusty Iron Staircase, Rusty Metal Fencing Frame, ...
Cracked Brick Wall, Cracked Cementation, Cracked Concrete, Cracked Marble Wall/Flooring, Cracked Mosaic Floor, Repainting, Rotten Plaster Ceiling, ...
Faulty Auto-Gate, Shorted Electrical Wiring, Rewiring, Faulty Motor Pumps, Faulty Alarm System, Short Circuit, Air-Cond Problems, Faulty Kitchen Exhaust Fan, ...

Our Services

We provide you with a full range of engineering, renovation, repair and maintenance services for your building - big job, small job or odd job. READ MORE >>

Metal-related Works
Wood-related Works
Water-related Works
Fire-related Works
Cement-related works
Electrical-related works
Glass-related works

Our Customers

Whether you are the owner or facility manager for the building you are managing - hotel, office tower, factory, condominium or apartment, we can serve your need for engineering, renovation, repair and maintenance works.

Hotel Building

For the Engineering, Maintenance & Purchasing Department of 3-star to 5-star hotels, resorts and golf clubs ..

Commercial Building

For Facility Management Office of office towers, private colleges ..

Residential Building

For Joint Management Bodies (JMB) of condominiums and apartments ..

Industrial Building

For the Facility Maintenance Department of factories and warehouses ..

Our Service Area

Currently we only provide our services to serve customers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (Klang Valley area) as our workers and craftsmen are mostly based and live here.

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