Site Survey

Based on our years of experience, we find that most of the renovation, maintenance or repair works at any building would require us to carry out an onsite survey so we can give you the quotation, scope of work and work schedule.

The purpose of the site survey is for the customers to show clearly and precisely what, where and how they want to do the works, so we can provide a more accurate scope of work and cost estimate. It is also a good occasion for us to meet directly with the customers and understand their needs better. 

* Site Survey, Site Inspection, Site Measurement *

Our site survey is done on a need-to basis and it is free of charge with no commitment from the customer. After our site survey, we will give you a quotation, a statement of work and work schedule based on your need.

Check out how we do our site surveys

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Want to do a site survey at your building?

Click to send us a WhatsApp message, followed by the pictures at where you want our site survey and the location of your building. We will reply to you shortly.