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For The Joint Management Bodies (JMB), Management Office (MC) or Owner(s), Take Note!

Looking for someone who is competent and experienced to help you on these common problems with your residential building - big and small ones ?

Common Problems You May Face

Metal-related problems

Broken Awning, Broken Glass Roofing, Broken Glass Door/Window, Rusted Iron Grille Gate & Windows, Broken/Rusty Steel Staircase, Faulty Glass Door Lock, Faulty Floor Hinge, ...

Wood-related problems

Broken Door, Broken Cabinet, Rotten Door Frame, Rotten Wooden Kitchen Cabinets, Rotten Floor Skirting, Repainting, Termite-infested Wood Cabinet, ...

Water-related problems

Rooftop Leaking, Floor Slab Leaking, Water Piping Leakage, Brick Wall Leaking, Toilet Sewage Problem, Faulty Water Pump, Faulty Water Filter, Water Pressure Too Low, ...

Fire-related problems

Rusted Iron Grille Gate & Windows, Broken/Rusty Iron Staircase, Rusty Metal Fencing Frame, ...

Cement-related problems

Cracked Brick Wall, Cracked Cementation, Cracked Concrete, Cracked Marble Wall/Flooring, Cracked Mosaic Floor, Repainting, Rotten Plaster Ceiling, ... 

Electrical-related problems

Faulty Auto-Gate, Shorted Electrical Wiring, Rewiring, Faulty Motor Pumps, Faulty Alarm System, Short Circuit, Air-Cond Problems, Faulty Kitchen Exhaust Fan, ...

Yes, OneAlex is here to help you!

No need so trouble. Get OneAlex to kautim for you.

Experience With Condominium in Klang Valley since 2016

﹢We have experience to handle the maintenance, repair and renovation needs of condominium/apartment in Klang Valley, since 2016.

Experienced Local Craftsmen & Workers

﹢ Our team of local craftsmen and workers have years of experience in the renovation, maintenance and repair works for residential buildings like yours.

Familiar with facility management's processes and rules

﹢ We are familiar with the work permit process and contractors working hours/rules for any renovation or repair works in the condominiums, apartments and gated/guarded residential areas in Klang Valley area. 

Our Motto

﹢ Customer Satisfaction, Quality Of Work, Complete In Time and Reasonable Price!  

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Snap the pictures of your building or areas inside the building which you want the works to be carried out.

Send us the location of your building.

We will reply you shortly for any clarification or confirmation on your request of work.

We will give you a quick quote or estimate in most simple cases. Otherwise, we will arrange for a site survey at your site.

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